MISSING PERSONS CENTER - Government Agencies Failing at Profiling Missing People
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Wednesday, 27 February 2019 17:13

Government Agencies Failing at Profiling Missing People

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As you already know, thousands and thousands of children and adults are reported missing every year and some are located and most are lost and eventually forgotten by the agencies who have been tasked with finding them.  Families of missing people are essentially alone in finding their loved ones and the very least a city, state, county or federal office can do is publically profile the missing person for all to see accurately somewhere.

Unfortunately, it seems as if most cities, states, county and federal offices are not very good at doing the very minimum and there seems to be no recourse for the families affected by this lack of publicity and possibly lack of investigation.

Below is the begining of exploiting these government offices that are not accurately profiling missing people.

Washington State Police

Just click the link below and check out this missing child's information on the Washington State Police Dept. website. 

This is only one expample of many issues they have with reporting missing people.


Oregon State Police 

When looking up missing people resources in Oregon, a simple google search found a direct link to the state police website and a page as indicated below that lists missing people in their state.

When you click on the link above, you'll see as of 2/27/19 the page goes to a "page not found".





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