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Dominic Potts
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Dominic Gracin Potts was reported missing on 11-6-2018 by his mother when she had not seen or heard from him in several days. Dominic was 21 years old at the time of his disappearance. On 11-8-2018, Dominic's dark green 1999 Chevy C/K 1500 pick up truck (CA lic#21993G1 reg. exp. 2019) was recovered in a secluded area near the south end of First Avenue in Chester, Ca. The vehicle appeared to be abandoned and was stuck in the mud with the keys in the ignition and the ignition in the "ACC" position. The vehicle's gearshift was in the "R" position, the driver's side window was down, and the battery was dead. Dominic's cell phone and other misc. personal items were found in the vehicle. Dominic's wallet was not recovered. A subsequent search of the area (air and land, but not the waters of the nearby lake) was conducted but no signs of Dominic were found. An investigation by Dominic's family, community, and the Plumas County Sherriff's Office was conducted but not a single lead or piece of information into the circumstances of Dominic's disappearance was ever uncovered. Additional details are available in the attached links, including a comprehensive episode of Brainscratch Searchlight produced by LordanArts. 

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PCSO case 2018012854, NameUs case 55528
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-burn scars on his arms and chest from welding -Semi athletic build (Was thinner at time of disappearance; see photos) -Psoriasis on his legs (slight/medium redness, flaky skin) -Shaved slit in eyebrows
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May have been suffering from depression and/or other mental health issues.
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Family Friend
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08-03-2020 Profile Approved and also featured on top of main page. Poster added to Instagram
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    I read his profile and hope that he can be located. What a deep story with some twists, like about his grandmother being murdered after he disappeared and no connection.
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    Thank you very much Jane. Someone out there has the key that will bring Dominic home.

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October 7th, 2020
The Plumas County Sheriff announced this evening that the human remains found by a hunter on Oct. 5 at the end of First Avenue in Chester have been positively identified as Dominic Potts of Greenville. Potts had been missing since 2018 and was an active missing person’s case in the Sheriff’s Office. The remains were identified through the use of a forensicodontologist.

Potts’ vehicle was located shortly after he was reported missing back in 2018 in the area of First Avenue, the same general vicinity of where the skull was located.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office extends its condolences to the family of Dominic Potts.