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Chicago Police Dept.

Chicago Police Dept.

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Chicago Police Dept.
Chicago Police Dept.
Chicago Police Dept.

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Chicago Police Dept.
4th District – South Chicago
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The Importance of reviews from the Missing Persons Center

We believe in working closely with law enforcement to improve the condition of missing persons cases around the world. Our experience dictates that if local law enforcement communicates with their local community as it relates to who is missing, how to report a missing person and what resources are available, it helps bridge a gap. There are many instances where the families bypass reporting missing loved ones and a lot of that has to do with, the person has no idea of what to do. They have visited the local police website and there's just either no information or very little information to help. Click Here To Read More About our Reviews..

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(Updated: September 08, 2023)
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The city of Chicago has done the best they can with the website we visited and we don't judge on aesthetics since we are mostly concerned with how comprehensive their missing persons information and access to support information is.  

On this website, there were challenges and if you have a missing person to report to them, you will be frustrated and it is suggested, if you live local to any Chicago Police department, you will have to go to your local division and ask what you need to do.  

There is no hotline, no specific area that can walk you through the process of filing a missing persons report and what to expect moving forward. 

They do list missing persons profiles on their website but they are not consistent in format or information.  There are also profiles we are aware of from the local area that are not listed in their profiles.  There are some up to date, recent profiles, but some newer cases may not be found.  However, we appreciate that they do have an archive dating back to 2012, so this makes them exceptional in that respect.

We also went through the random top five profiles listed on their site as of the above date to verify of those cases had been listed with NAMUS and they were not.  The only one we found listed during our research was the case of Shaquitta Booker that is connected to this review below.  We are happy to see she was reported to NAMUS, but at the same time, her profile is not listed on the Chicago PD website.

This is not an all encompassing review of the entire missing persons system they are publishing, but if they are not telling families about NAMUS in order to collect DNA in case remains are discovered then families may never find answers.

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