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FBI - Boston

FBI - Boston

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FBI - Boston
FBI - Boston

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FBI - Boston
FBI Field Office - Boston
201 Maple Street Chelsea, Massachusetts

The Importance of reviews from the Missing Persons Center

We believe in working closely with law enforcement to improve the condition of missing persons cases around the world. Our experience dictates that if local law enforcement communicates with their local community as it relates to who is missing, how to report a missing person and what resources are available, it helps bridge a gap. There are many instances where the families bypass reporting missing loved ones and a lot of that has to do with, the person has no idea of what to do. They have visited the local police website and there's just either no information or very little information to help. Click Here To Read More About our Reviews..

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We expect the FBI to set the standard.
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As you can imagine, the FBI's website is very good and comprehensive.  However, when it comes to being up to date on missing persons cases they are involved with, there is very limited profiles being shared.

Most of the profiles found on their website, not just the Boston Field Office, but as a whole, the profiles are very out of date and eventually, we did find some cases from 2023.  We will be adding them to our system as soon as possible and link them to this review.

The Boston field office had no listings of missing people from 2023.

So you know . . . It's important to note that the FBI does not typically get involved in routine missing person cases where there is no evidence of criminal activity or federal jurisdiction. In such cases, local law enforcement agencies are usually responsible for handling the investigation. The decision for the FBI to join a missing person search is based on the specific circumstances and federal laws involved.  Most local cases that get resources from the FBI are usually at the request of local police when there are circumstances or evidence that requires intervention on a federal level.
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