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We were contacted by a private investigator by the name of Robert Hunter who is searching a cold case regarding a Sailor from San Diego that went... Show more

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Dominic Potts Case from California Check out the Dominic Potts case. It's quite a mystery and it doesn't seen that there has been a lot of...

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Brainscratch: What Happened to Greta Putnam &...

If you have information about the murder of Greta Putnam, please contact the Oroville Police Department at 530-538-2448. If you have information on...

hollywood Greta Putnam is the grandmother of missing Dominic Potts who is profiled on this site. Check it out as this is a very interesting case that has not... Show more 4 months ago

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If anyone has information about Dominic Potts, please contact us or the law enforcement agency listed within his profile.

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I hope this guy gets the death penalty.