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Police Looking For Information After Hanson Grandmother 'Vanished' Weeks Ago
Missing Adults 1229
How strange
None of this case makes any sense in the article I read too.  The daughter said she went to the house and the backdoor was unlocked and the dog had no food or water.  What makes no sense, is this the daughter that Crispo was the primary caretaker of her children?  Where were the grandchildren, nobody has mentioned that.  Did she pick her car up?  Maybe she didn't have any money and she was trying to get out of town for some reason and she wanted to be sure her car could take her where she needed to go and told the mechanic she would trade all her furniture for car repairs since she wouldn't be needing furniture wherever she was going.  Did she own her home or rent it?  Too many gaps and unanswered questions.
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