Lead Investigative Advisor

Timothy W. Olmstead

"In the world of investigations and limited resources, so often one of the most helpful tools is knowing who and what to stay away from. In the world of missing persons cases, The MPC is that helpful guiding light you can trust."

Missing Persons Center

Timothy W. Olmstead is a retired Law Enforcement officer previously serving both the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) & the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  As a Special Agent having served both agencies, he’s worked almost all-encompassing investigative matters while gaining an expansive breadth of experience.

He has an impressive training and educational background which includes Summa Cum Laude honors from California Southern University (MS) in the field of Psychology.  He’s currently enrolled in a Doctoral program specializing in Grief and Trauma.  His unique educational and professional background provides an expertise applicable to our mission, interactions with others, and an empathetic perspective often lost in this field. We intend to call him “Doc” Olmstead as he aims to complete his Doctorate (Dr.) in the not-so-distant future.

The Missing Persons Center is a mission he feels very passionate about, while also focusing on defending vulnerable populations against perpetrators.  He believes in the mission of the Missing Persons Center whole heartedly as the mission encompasses so much more than a repository of cases.

MPC cares about the individual cases all the way to the larger macro picture, and everything in between.  He’s proud to be part of something that has never been done before while being part of a team that has the skills and experience like no other.

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