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"The Kara Robinson Story, The Intended Victim Who Outsmarted a Serial Killer”

Kara Robinson
Kara Robinson
Kara Robinson 2
Kara Robinson and abductor
With so many stories relating to the topic of Missing Persons, the story of Kara Robinson is one which may offer some insights and lessons learned from a gritty survivor. This survivor, Kara Robinson, not only fought her way to freedom in the most unlikely of ways, but also demonstrates the amazing way good can prevail over pure evil.

Eventually, the abductor did make a mistake and Kara was able to free herself from her bindings as her abductor had fallen asleep. Kara ended up fleeing from the scene and headed to a car in a parking lot she saw.  Kara apparently pleaded with people she came in contact with and finally got to the police. 

However, even after the event, Kara expresses a severe blunting of her emotions, a desire to forget and the psychological toll her specific trauma caused her. Following Kara's escape, her abductor fled to Sarasota, Florida and was later identified as Richard Evonitz. Thanks to Kara's testimony, to include a tip from Evonitz's sister, police were able to track Evonitz down in which Evonitz ended up taking his own life. 

Some of the evidence in the apartment of Evonitz linked him to the murders of three Spotsylvania County Virginia girls identified as Sofia Silva 16, Kristin Lisk 15, and her sister Kati Lisk 15. Other evidence found at the Evonitz apartment indicated he had already chosen new victims to kidnap and murder. 

Kara explains in the article how she wanted to face Evonitz in court and have him know that by choosing her as his victim, that was his biggest mistake. She comes across so strong in the article and such a great example of the survivor fighter mentality in which her story is so powerful and can be nspirational for others. However, as the story also sheds light on the rollercoaster of emotions associated to trauma, the inherently strong minded Kara is very open about her experience and feelings. Overall, such a powerful story from an unlikely hero who overcomes the odds against a true serial killer. The story of Kara Robinson can be learned in more detail by following her TikTok videos where she intends to uplift others, the original source article listed in the above, or viewing "Escaping Captivity: The Kara Robinson Story" which originally aired 10/15/2021 on Oxygen.

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