Database Entry Policy

Missing Persons Database Entry Policy

  1. Purpose: The Missing Persons Center (MPC) maintains a comprehensive database of missing persons to facilitate effective search and reunification efforts. This policy outlines the guidelines and responsibilities for individuals entering new missing persons cases into the MPC database.

  2. Authorized Personnel: Only authorized personnel, including trained MPC staff and law enforcement officials, are permitted to enter new missing persons cases into the database. Each authorized user shall have a unique login and password for secure access.

  3. Data Accuracy and Verification: All information entered into the MPC database must be accurate, up-to-date, and verifiable to the best of the user’s knowledge. Any uncertainty or incomplete information should be clearly marked as such, and updates must be promptly made as new details emerge.

  4. Confidentiality and Data Protection: All information submitted to the MPC database shall be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Authorized personnel must adhere to strict data protection and privacy regulations in accordance with applicable laws. Any unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of sensitive information is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.

  5. Immunity from Improper Use: The MPC shall not be held responsible for any improper use of the data entered into the database. Users entering information are responsible for ensuring that they have the right to access and enter such data. The MPC disclaims liability for any misuse of data by third parties or unauthorized users.

  6. Lawful Purposes Only: The MPC database is solely for the purpose of managing and aiding in missing persons cases. Information obtained from the database should only be used for lawful and official purposes related to locating missing persons or conducting related investigations.

  7. Removing Inaccurate Information: If any data entered into the MPC database is found to be inaccurate or no longer relevant, users must promptly update or remove such information. This ensures the database remains current and effective.

  8. Reporting Suspected Misuse: Any user who suspects the improper use of the MPC database or notices unauthorized access to the system should immediately report it to the designated MPC authorities.

  9. Training and Awareness: All authorized personnel shall undergo regular training and awareness programs to stay informed about the policies, procedures, and ethical responsibilities related to using the MPC database.

  10. Compliance with Regulations: This policy complies with all relevant local, state, and federal laws and regulations concerning the handling and management of missing persons data.

  11. Policy Review: The MPC shall regularly review and update this policy to ensure its relevance and effectiveness in maintaining the integrity of the missing persons database.

By entering new missing persons cases into the MPC database, users acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to comply with the provisions outlined in this policy. Any violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action and legal consequences as applicable.

Latest update: July 27th 2023.

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