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Law Enforcement Benefits

We are your missing persons reporting partner and encourage you to enter all of your missing persons cases into our worldwide database.

The Missing Persons Center is the world's central location for missing person reporting and comprehensive profiling.

The key to finding missing people as quickly as possible is to get as much exposure to the case as possible and cover as much area as possible.  Our database is visited by people worldwide, not just your locality, state or national basis.

We don't simply maintain the records you enter into the database, but we are always getting tips and searching online for new information to update each record.  All tips we receive are immediately forwarded to you or investigative contact provided.

Our data is also cross referenced with other reporting agencies to gather additional information that may not have been included in your initial intake.

All cases we profile are Search Engine Optimized to get as much traction as possible by using the best "Keywords" to make the file easier to find in online searches.  We also provide you a complete dashboard to handle all profile entry and editing with complete statistics and social sharing capabilities.

Soon we will be adding a comprehensive press submission tool to be sure each case is submitted to globally recognized news agencies to further publicize the case.


samplrecordClick on the sample record to the left to see an example of one of our records.  This record is for a sample missing child, but we do have different profiles that include more or less data for missing adults, missing veterans and suspect information too.

Our database includes links to valuable resources related to missing people and anything associated with locating, reporting and identifying them.
We encourage you to join our community and be part of making a difference.
Also, we are very thankful to all of our supporters, with out them we could not do what we do.
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