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Adriana Marie Covarrubias

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Missing Persons Details

Known As

Adriana Marie Covarrubias

Missing from
Marietta , Georgia - USA
Case Entered
May 31, 2022
Current Classification
Unknown Missing
Source of Record
Family Member
Last Updated

Physical Description

Female at birth
Age When Reported Missing
Age As of Today
Hair Color
Eye Color
Last Seen Wearing   
  • Black Calvin Klein zip up jacket
  • Black sweat pants 
  • AC/DC white t-shirt 
  • Light purple and gray Adidas shoes 
  • Silver necklace with cross pendent 

Distinguishing Features
  • Piercing belly button 
  • Double Pierced ears
  • Pierced lip
  • Forehead scar near bang hairline

Known Medical Conditions

Details of Disappearance

Adriana Marie Covarrubias was last seen by family or friends on May 27, 2022 in Marietta , Georgia - USA .

19 year old left out of mom's house without saying anything and took all her belongings and left on foot.  

Was seen getting in a white Toyota 4 Runner on Thursday night (5/26/22)

Doesn't know anyone in the area and didn't have money.

There has been no contact with Adriana since 5/27/22. 

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Adriana Marie Covarrubias, you are encouraged to contact the Cobb county police department at 770-499-3900, ask for Carroll. Be sure to have the case number 22-041393 available as you will need it.

Vehicle Details

Vehicle Make
Vehicle Model
4 Runner
Vehicle Color

Be Advised

If you see Adriana Marie Covarrubias anywhere, please do not make contact. Call your local emergency number like (911) or the phone number indicated for law enforcement on this record and they will instruct you on what to do. You can also let them know Adriana Marie Covarrubias's name and they are profiled on this site. This way they can visit the profile and get information faster and more complete to use for follow up. You can always leave us a tip on what you saw by clicking the "Tip" link in the menu at the top of this page.

NOTICE: If the information contained in this missing persons profile is inaccurate, needs to be updated, or the person has been located, please let our staff know as soon as possible. Thank you.

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