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David Williams

Unknown MissingCold Case
David Williams

Missing Persons Details

Missing Person
David Williams
Last Seen
April 07, 1975
Case Status
Unknown Missing
Intake Date
September 15, 2021
Source of Record
Medical Conditions
According to open source information, David Williams generally wore a helmet to protect his head. Williams was a 12 year old epileptic at the time of his disappearance. Williams needed to take daily medication to prevent suffering from a Grand Mal seizure. 



Physical Description

Current Age
Hair Color
Eye Color
Last Seen Wearing
David Williams was last seen wearing a blue jacket and striped pants.

Details of Disappearance

According to open source information, David Williams, then age 12, and Steven Anderson, then age 17, were reported missing from the New Lisbon State School on 04/07/1975.

The New Lisbon State School, now known as the New Lisbon Developmental Center is located in Burlington County, New Jersey. Both Williams and Anderson lived on the 1,896-acre center located off Route 72 in the New Jersey Pinelands. Both Williams and Anderson had been diagnosed with developmental disabilities and were unable to care for themselves without supervision. 

The boys, who were roommates, were last seen at approximately 4:15 p.m., walking towards their residence from a nearby ball field where they had been playing with staff members.

Case Numbers

Verified with Law Enforcement

Police Contact Information

New Jersey State Human Services Police
John Mastalski, Detective
Local Police Case Number
(800) 233-2915

FBI Information

FBI Field Office Division
Newark (Atlantic City RA)
(609) 677-6400

Be Advised

If you see David Williams anywhere, please do not make contact. Call your local emergency number like (911) or the phone number indicated for law enforcement on this record and they will instruct you on what to do. You can also let them know David Williams 's name and they are profiled on this site. This way they can visit the profile and get information faster and more complete to use for follow up. You can always leave us a tip on what you saw by clicking the "Tip" link in the menu at the top of this page.

NOTICE: If the information contained in this missing persons profile is inaccurate, needs to be updated, or the person has been located, please let our staff know as soon as possible. Thank you.

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