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Drone Search & Rescue (DSAR Inc.) was founded in Jan 2019 by 3 commercial drone pilots who recognized the potential for modern commercial drones in Search & Rescue (SAR) operations, and desired to offer no-cost training for pilots as well as establish a national registry of trained commercial pilots willing to volunteer their services. We seek to be a national resource for SAR drone operations, offering training and our services as needed. While SAR is our primary mission, we also offer no-cost training to Law Enforcement on the effective tactical deployment of LE drones.
What kind of drones do we use for Search & Rescue operations? Good starter drones would be something along the lines of a Spark, Bebop or Breeze. The higher end models would include something like a Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual or Anafi Thermal. A Grid Search is a Grid Search regardless of the specific drone. An FPV Search is an FPV Search no matter the model. We welcome just about any model of drone for training.
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