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Family Disaster Dogs
One of our biggest fears and chores during a disaster is losing or finding a loved one and every dog has the ability to find its family members or friends. Every missing person case is a disaster for the family involved.

I have spent the past 10 years writing and publishing books that have a worldwide following helping many people to learn how to locate missing persons with the use of dogs. As well as prepare for natural disasters and how a dog can assist in emergencies.

My goal is to help everyone stay safe out there!

At Family Disaster Dogs 
We encourage and teach families to prepare for disasters with a dog's help.  
We train family dogs to find family members using Search and Rescue dog skills. 
We train Mantrailing K9SAR dogs to FEMA standards upon request. 

Founder is the author of 4 books, site and lessons that train family dogs to rescue their own family using Search and Rescue skills. These books and lessons are based on over 30 years of dog training experience and 10 years of active K9SAR plus more. Look up the books online, they are available everywhere and free lessons are posted at the Family Disaster Dogs site. I train in person and speak at public events, contact me for info.

Books include: 
Family Disaster Dogs-over 60 lessons including how-to find a missing person with a dog.
Evacuate with Your Dog's Help- with updated survival bag list
My Puppy Can Find Me (children dog training picture book) Trains the family dog with the family members to find a child or family member who goes missing.
Start Mantrailing- Train a Dog to Find People Step by Step for fun, sport and work.

Feel free to ask me for help to train a dog or for resources to help locate missing persons.

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