Crowd Funding Surplus Allocation Policy

Crowd Funding Surplus Allocation Policy

At the Missing Persons Center, our primary goal is to reunite missing individuals with their loved ones through dedicated investigations. In cases where crowd funding efforts yield a surplus of funds after the successful resolution or closure of a missing persons case, our commitment to transparency and responsible financial stewardship remains unwavering. This policy outlines the procedures for allocating and utilizing surplus funds to continue supporting our mission.

1. Allocation Prioritization:
Surplus funds generated from crowd funding campaigns will be allocated following a clear prioritization scheme, focusing on activities directly related to the Center’s mission. The order of allocation priority is as follows:

a. Future Investigations:
The surplus will be reserved for future missing persons investigations, ensuring that necessary resources are available to support ongoing and upcoming cases.

b. Prevention and Awareness:
Excess funds may be used to enhance public awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and preventive measures aimed at reducing the occurrence of missing persons cases.

c. Support Services:
Surplus funds can be allocated to provide additional support services for families and individuals affected by missing persons cases, such as counseling, legal assistance, and community outreach.

2. Transparent Accounting:
The Missing Persons Center is committed to transparent financial practices. Detailed records of surplus funds, their allocation, and expenditures will be maintained and made accessible to the public upon request. Regular financial reports will be published on our official website to ensure accountability and openness.

3. Avoidance of Misuse:
Surplus funds will be used solely for activities directly aligned with the Center’s mission and in compliance with all legal and ethical standards. Funds will not be used for any purpose that deviates from the core objectives of locating missing individuals, supporting their families, and raising awareness about missing persons cases.

4. Donor Intent:
In cases where donors have specified a particular case for their contribution, surplus funds remaining after the center’s investigation will be utilized for the broader mission of the Center, rather than being directed exclusively to that specific case.

5. Regular Review:
The allocation policy for surplus crowd funding funds will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure alignment with the Center’s evolving needs, best practices, and any changes in relevant laws and regulations.

By adhering to this policy, the Missing Persons Center seeks to honor the contributions of our supporters, maintain financial responsibility, and further our mission to find answers and resolution to families affected by missing persons cases.


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