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The Missing Persons Center employs an innovative approach to fund investigations through crowd funding. Recognizing the crucial role of public involvement, we harnesses the power of online platforms to raise financial support for select cases. By sharing compelling stories and details about ongoing missing persons cases, we engage a broad audience passionate about aiding our efforts. Through our dedicated website and social media campaigns, we hope to gain the attention of individuals or businesses who want to contribute to reuniting families and finding answers.

Crowd funding enables the center us to overcome financial constraints and allocate resources to cases that might otherwise lack sufficient funding. Supporters, ranging from concerned citizens to empathetic philanthropists, can make small to substantial contributions, fostering a sense of community involvement in the search for missing individuals. These collective funds aid in funding our investigative team, conducting forensic analyses, organizing search operations, and raising awareness through media campaigns.

Ultimately, the Missing Persons Center’s crowd funding approach not only fuels investigations financially but also fosters a shared commitment to resolving cases that tugs at the heartstrings of people worldwide.  We hope you will be part of funding our investigative efforts to finally find answers for the families of the missing when law enforcement has pulled back resources and is no longer actively investigating.

Before supporting any of the cases below, please read our Crowd Funding Surplus Allocation Policy.


25 Aug 2023
Haleigh Murphy Investigation 
24 Aug 2023
Fang Jin Investigation
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The Missing Persons Center is an IRS. Approved 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation is 100% Tax Deductible.