Meet Our Esteemed Advisory Board: Guiding the Missing Persons Center Towards Hope and Resolution

Advisory Board members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in various relevant fields such as law enforcement, forensics, psychology, and community advocacy. This diverse expertise enhances the Center’s capabilities and ensures a well-rounded approach to addressing missing persons cases.

These esteemed individuals provide strategic guidance and insight into developing effective policies, procedures, and initiatives. Their input helps the Center navigate complex challenges and make informed decisions to optimize its impact.

Law Olmstead
Founder & President

As Founder & President of the Missing Persons Center, Mr. Olmstead holds the visionary and leadership role. He establishes the organization’s mission, strategic direction, and fundraising initiatives. Responsibilities include building partnerships with law enforcement, government agencies, and community stakeholders. The Founder & President leads advocacy efforts, shapes policies, and represents the organization in public forums. Olmstead oversees financial management, fosters a supportive organizational culture, and drive awareness campaigns. Ultimately, Mr. Olmstead spearheads the Center’s mission to address missing persons cases, ensuring its sustainability, and actively engaging with diverse stakeholders to fulfill its objectives.  He is also very involved with day to day investigations.

Valentine Smith
International Investigative Advisor

Mr. Smith is the International Investigative Advisor at the Missing Persons Center and specializes in cross-border cases, providing expertise on international investigative protocols. He collaborates with global law enforcement agencies, sharing best practices and coordinating efforts to locate missing individuals. Responsibilities include analyzing jurisdictional challenges, and navigating legal frameworks. His role involves facilitating information exchange between countries, leveraging international networks, and staying updated on global missing persons trends. The International Investigative Advisor plays a pivotal role in enhancing the Center’s capabilities to address cases with an international dimension, ensuring a comprehensive and coordinated approach to locating missing persons worldwide.

Timothy Olmstead
Lead Investigative Advisor

As the Lead Investigative Advisor at the Missing Persons Center, Olmstead assumes a leadership role in guiding and supervising investigative teams. He provides strategic direction, oversees case reviews, and ensure adherence to investigative protocols. Responsibilities include implementing investigative strategies, analyzing evidence, and collaborating with law enforcement agencies.  Tim plays a key role in training and mentoring investigators, staying abreast of emerging technologies, and fostering a collaborative environment to enhance the effectiveness of missing persons investigations. His expertise contributes to the resolution of complex cases and the  improvement of investigative processes within the Center.

Michele Blair
Peer Support Specialist

As the Peer Support Specialist at the Missing Persons Center, Michele provides compassionate support to those affected by missing persons cases. Services include offering emotional support, sharing coping strategies, and guiding individuals to appropriate resources. She facilitates support groups, providing a safe space for sharing experiences. Additionally, Michele assists in organizing outreach and awareness programs, collaborates with investigative teams for comprehensive care, and participates in ongoing training to remain knowledgeable about effective peer support methods. Her service is crucial in fostering a caring community and helping individuals navigate the challenges associated with missing persons situations.

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