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  • "Chained in the Box, the Literal and Metaphorical story of Paul Martin Andrews"

"Chained in the Box, the Literal and Metaphorical story of Paul Martin Andrews"

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The story of Paul Martin Andrews is one that began over 50 years ago. Andrews story begins in terror as he was abducted, raped, and kept in a small underground box in 1973. Andrews was 13 years old at the time, and has since emerged from the nightmare scenario as an advocate for survivors of rape, while also keeping a close eye on sexual predator laws and interjecting advocacy efforts where necessary. 


Paul AndrewsAndrews is on record with Fox News Digital concerning his journey and decades of experience being an advocate for rape survivors as depicted in the Fox Nation series "Lost Then Found: Tales of a Kidnapping" (First Episode "Boy in the Box". During the interview, Andrews goes back to the location in Virginia where he was held captive. the underground hole is still present and one of his quotes from the interview that really spoke to me, serving as a metaphor to his experience was "Some scars just don't heal". It's hard to believe after 50 years that hole is still there. I still have a scar on me as well". From an outsiders perspective such as myself, we as a society may benefit from hearing these strong words and try to appreciate the horror some human beings endure while being sensitive and compassionate to never forget. For these types of survivors and so many others, the scars whether psychological, emotional, or physical just never completely heal. 

On that note, its important to keep in mind these types of things do happen as Andrews is quick to point out. He further points out in the interview that as a society, if we allow sex offenders to roam freely following multiple offenses, they are inclined and more likely to do it again. The topic of recidivism rates is an important discussion which should garner more attention in the realm of protecting individuals and more specifically children from sexual predators.


Another area Andrews interview brings out is his experience with mental health professionals, law enforcement personnel and others who may appear as credentialed authorities but probably cause more harm than help to individuals like Andrews for a variety of reasons and a likely unintended consequence of their lack of understanding, sensitivity, and expertise. 

According to Andrews who has helped to revamp numerous sex offender laws in the state of Virginia, he's quoted in the interview with Fox as stating "These men are a danger to the public and we know with near certainty that most of them will re-offend".

Paul Martin Andrews story is a remarkable firsthand account of such horror that can ultimately lead to something positive.


and Fox Nation series "Lost Then Found: Tales of a Kidnapping" (First Episode "Boy in the Box").
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