Tyler Blake Miers

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Tyler Blake Miers
Tyler Blake Miers
Tyler Blake Miers

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Tyler Blake Miers

Missing from
Prague, Nebraska - USA
  United States of America
Case Entered
  May 22, 2024
Current Classification
  Unknown Missing
Source of Record
  Local Law Enforcement
Last Updated
   May 22, 2024
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Physical Description

Age When Reported Missing
Age As of Today
Hair Color
Eye Color
  175 lbs
  Last Seen Wearing
  • Miers was last seen wearing a dark, long-sleeved shirt and shorts, according to authorities.  
  • He may also have been wearing glasses.
  Distinct Features
  • Right hand was injured and he has trouble grasping with it.  Also, scars from hand surgery.  
  Medical Alert
None Indicated

Details of Disappearance

Tyler Blake Miers was last seen by family or friends on May 20, 2023.

The Saunders County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for help in finding a missing 42-year-old man.

According to deputies, Tyler Miers was last seen near the Prague Quik Stop on May 20, 2023.

Officials said that the sheriff’s office received two calls regarding Miers’ behavior on May 20.  On both occasions, deputies responded and found he had not committed any crimes, was not a threat to himself or others and did not want any further assistance. 

It's reported, he had a cell phone and a working vehicle.

During the second time deputies had contact with him, Miers no longer wanted to speak with the deputies, and was allowed to walk away.

The Sheriff's Office said that through their investigation, they found that his cell phone's last ping was north of North Bend a little while after they had contact with him. 

Authorities noted that Miers' pickup was left in Prague.

Who to contact!
If you have any information on the whereabouts of Tyler Blake Miers, you are encouraged to contact the Saunders County Nebraska at (402) 443-1000, ask for Chief Deputy Kyle Coughlin. Be sure to have the case number SC23051013 available as you will need it.

Vehicle Details

Plate State

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Be Advised

If you see Tyler Blake Miers anywhere, please do not make contact. Call your local emergency number like (911) or the phone number indicated for law enforcement on this record and they will instruct you on what to do. You can also let them know Tyler Blake Miers's name and that they are profiled on this site. This way they can visit the profile and get information faster for follow up. You can always leave us a tip on what you saw by clicking the "Tip" link in the menu at the top of this page.

NOTICE: If the information contained in this missing persons profile is inaccurate, needs to be updated, or the person has been located, please let our staff know as soon as possible. Thank you.

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